Rare Youth's Mission!

Rare Youth is an independent electronic music record label based in Lisbon, Portugal. Our collective works with House Music x Underground Events x Clothing and Accessories design. We are very rare human beings that praise individuality and creativity. Our mission on planet earth is to provide high quality goods for our clients, get involved and we assure you that you will not be disappointed.

Very Rare Sound

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Rare Youth "the album"

Lisbon based Louie Cut brings us a 9 tracks album to start our catalog with the right feet. The album is a burst of creativity and freshness, a very cool take on house music from Louie. From minimal to tech or jackin, you got the full spectrum of house genres covered. The vibes are good and very unique, dj friendly and overall badass. Enjoy this pure bliss of an album and remember to be happy, to be yourself everyday of your life, you are now part of the Rare Youth family.

What's Next ?!

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Check out the vibes on Louie's latest dj set.

What We Offer !

Record Label

We are a Electronic Music Record Label, we support established or upcoming artists.

Event Organizer

We organize cool underground events in Portugal and around the world. Get in touch for more info.

Clothing Design

Rare Youth will launch soon our own clothing and accessories line. Available for Purchase online.

Customers reviews

What people say?

After a long partnership, we are excited to see what you guys come up with this time. Best wishes
James from Label-Worx
Nice to see Louie starting a new project, looking forward to see the new music and label in action.
Label owner/ DJ / fashion designer

Louie Cut

CEo, A&R, creative creator

Louie is the founder of Rare Youth Co. Worldwide known music artist that also creates all RY artistic content including the WebSite, Art Work, Clothing Design and much more….

Letícia Santos

LAbel manager

Letícia takes care of the back office, e-mails, requests, and much more…