You want to be part of the Company?

Rare Youth Co. will be officially lunched in the summer of 2018.

The final details of Rare Youth Records are almost done we are preparing an amazing catalog of releases for the digital stores that will include music from Louie Cut, Sound Cloup, Dexter Kane, Avrosse and many more… We are currently looking for more artists to be part of our project, so the doors are open.

Our team of designers is also finishing our clothing line, we will soon have the online store available with some cool clothes and accessories.

You want to be part of the team? You have cool design ideas that could fit our style? You work as a PR or events management in your country?

We want to meet creative and motivated people that can contribute to our company. Share with us your skills, portfolio and ideas, we will be pleased to collaborate for sure, you can reach us using the contact page on the website.

With the best regards,
Rare Youth Team

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